Triceratops 2-3 Year Olds

Triceratops 2- 3 year olds

2- 3 year olds

Dinotots Daycare Triceratops Room

Our 2 -3 Year old Room

The Second and third year of a child’s life continues to be a period of rapid growth and development in the cognitive, motor, social and emotional and language domains. By understanding the norms of your child’s development during this time with assessment of your child’s progress, we will, with your assistance, ensure your child has the best start in life.
In our 2-Year-Old Rooms your little explorers can grow, learn, and play in a safe and nurturing environment designed specifically for toddlers. Our rooms are magical places where your child can take their first small steps towards independence, make new friends, and engage in a world of fun and educational activities.
Our 2-year-old rooms are bright and welcoming spaces filled with age-appropriate toys and furniture. The room is designed to inspire curiosity and encourage exploration. We have created distinct areas for different types of play and learning, including a home corner, a reading nook, a sensory area, a construction zone, and a creative arts table. The room is secure and set up to ensure your child's safety while allowing them the freedom to move and play.

Special Activities

Creative Play:
We encourage creativity through drawing, painting, and crafting. These activities help develop fine motor skills and allow children to express their individuality.
Story Time:
Our cozy reading nook is the perfect spot for storytime. We introduce children to the joy of books, fostering early literacy skills and a love for stories.
Sensory Exploration:
Sensory bins and play materials help toddlers explore textures, shapes, and colours, which is essential for cognitive development.
Music and Movement:
Through songs, dance, and simple instruments, children experience the joy of music while improving their coordination and rhythm.
Circle Time:
Circle Time: A structured time for children to learn about days of the week, weather, and basic concepts through songs, games, and interactive discussions.

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